Breakfast with friends is completely worth a few extra dishes.

Our friend Josh’s fiancé, Heidi, has been in town so Dave invited them over for crepes this morning. Saturday morning crepes are as traditional as Christmas in the Poyzer home (seriously, check facebook or instagram on a Saturday, and you’ll see they’re all doing it).

Josh and Heidi asked us a couple of weeks ago if we’d photograph their wedding next spring to which we feel excited and honored. We think it will be an awesome shindig, plus we’ll actually get to spend most of the day with them. Many of you have probably experienced traveling to a friend’s wedding only to leave feeling like you didn’t get to spend hardly any time with them. It’s typical on such a full day. Well, its our little secret that wedding photography is the way we get to spend such a special day with our friends :) We really love it.

Today the weather is unexpectedly beautiful, and the light and breeze matched with such great company made for a lovely November morning. Today reminded me how much I love living in our neighborhood and how privileged we are, all of us, to open our homes and our hearts to people.

I hope you’re all having a beautiful weekend,