Wednesday was my birthday, and, although it was a pretty low-key day and we weren’t able to squeeze in everything I had hoped, it was nice. AND I won’t feel guilty to keep celebrating a little and squeezing in those extra things in the coming days :) I’m hoping to spend some time this weekend making the apartment feel a bit cozy and festive and spend a couple of hours shopping in the East Village. David got me a beautiful wood slab cake stand, and instead of cake we had root beer floats.

Now back to work. After a birthday and Thanksgiving, I’m feeling behind. We’ve been blessed with several opportunities lately to take photos for friends. Adding those sessions to the wedding we shot this past weekend, I have much to do! Good thing I love it a lot :)


I can promise you my lack of blogging has nothing to do with doing nothing. We have been busy! Now that I am up walking on this ol’ foot, we’ve been out and about. It was about two weeks ago that we celebrated my birthday. I was enjoying a nice lazy morning when Dave kept asking if I was going to get cleaned up. I thought, “It’s my birthday! I don’t want to!” He kept bringing it up, and I figured that something was going on so in a panic, I quickly took a shower. Twenty minutes later my father-in-law pulled up and helped Dave carry in something special for me :-) This lovely sofa!

Our current sofa is getting kind of pooped out. It won’t be long before we give her the old heave hoe, but for now, I am enjoying having a lot of seating space.

We met our friend Seth for lunch at a nearby Chinese place (you know I love it), then spent a few hours hitting up some of our favorite thrift stores. Dinner with family, and then we brought our parents back to our demolished apartment for milk, eggnog, and cookies. It was really a great day. On top of that, some lovely folk, gave me some lovely gifts. This book by Colin Meloy from the dear one herself, and my first sister-in-law (because she married my brother before I married into Dave’s family ;-) ) gave me some cake pans! It is hard to believe I had made it to my 26th birthday without them, especially after working at a bakery. I quickly put my skills to use and made the Maple-Walnut Cake with Brown Sugar Frosting from Everyday Food‘s November issue. IT. WAS. GOOD.

Now Dave, in his ultimate wisdom, knows that most of my cognitive life, I have not liked to make a big deal about celebrating holidays or birthdays. I would generally feel utterly depressed the day after any celebration because I spent so much time looking forward to and yearning for it, had so much fun with friends and family, and then it was over. Honestly, this year might have been one of the firsts I felt fully satisfied the day after. But lo and behold, Dave surprised me with a few stems of flowers, a humongo cinnamon roll, and some pretty candles I had been pining over for a few years. I felt loved and celebrated, and it was another good day.