Stay With You

Earlier this summer we spent four nights shooting the following music video for our friends’ band Parlours. Dave has been wanting to make a video with fireflies for a couple of years. We almost did it last year, but it just didn’t pull together in time. So this year, we started planning early. We had a couple of dinners with Parlours frontwoman, Dana Halferty, and her husband, and we worked through the storyline. It worked out well since they recently released their new full length album “All Is Here”. So many friends made themselves available for the shoot and much more. It dawned on me shortly after filming was done, that all we were trying to convey in a story, we were actually participating in. It’s a beautiful story about friends, adventure, and the magic of the midwest in summertime. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Stay With You  by Parlours
A film by David Poyzer



Hello my neglected blog and readers! I’m checking in only because while I’ve been amassed in wedding polaroids, I came across a few photos from vacation and realized I never shared any. ANY. It was really a great time, and I find myself more and more longing for the beach. Summer has been a hot one, but somehow this August has quickly moved into more fall-like weather than normal. Which in many ways is great and so welcomed, but in others, I feel like I am missing out on summery things. We’ve barely made it out on the boat this summer, haven’t floated down any rivers, nor picnicked enough with friends. Still, I’m not discontent. These days, this last year of my life, have been so beautiful. I’m finding friendships deepening, my body is growing healthier, vision is being cast, and time is being stewarded.

A week or two ago, I made myself a schedule. This is something I try to do as often as my schedule shifts, but I haven’t done it in a long, long time. At the top of this new schedule I wrote out the core values for my life as well as a few reminders. Keeping these in front of me remind me why I prioritize my time as well as what is given priority. If I want to be a certain person in 5 years or 50 years, then today I need to put into practice the things that will shape me. It looks something like this:

Be and do all God dreamed for me.

Know the Word
Be a good wife/mother
Be healthy
Work hard

I am not going to feel guilty when I can’t do one more thing.
I am not going to feel lazy when I need to rest.
I am not going to be lazy.

and finally, a couple quotes:
“If you don’t create a plan for your life, others will create one for you… If you aren’t controlling your life, someone else will.” Kris Vallotton

“Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.” Proverbs 29:18


While Dave’s out filming a wedding this evening, I’ve been home working on wedding photos. I catch myself at times being caught up in the emotions of the day. During the first time the couple sees each other, I’ll find myself on the edge of my seat, maybe wearing an open smile or sometimes a tear. As the festivities progress, and we move closer to the ceremony, photos of the groom bring me anxiety. I begin to feel the nervousness he may or may not have felt. It’s really so exciting sharing in this. I have the privilege (and sometimes the dread) of seeing more photos from the wedding day than the couple will ever see. After a recent wedding, Dave brought home over 2500 photos. I take this pile and I begin to sort it down, hopefully closer to 600-800.

I love the subtleties in the photos, the motion. When you are snapping photos near constantly, you can see the action in a bride reaching for her groom’s hand, and it is just so beautiful. I especially love those photos that happen right after the wedding party is finished with “formal” photos. They show their ruckus-ness and youth, regardless of age.

It truly is a joy, an honor really, to share in moments like these with couples. It’s so easy to grab a camera and snap a photo. We carry them in our phones daily, but do we realize the gravity and beauty in freezing a moment in time, to relive with friends or your love over and over?

I’m just feeling grateful for my job today. It’s pretty amazing to have spent my Saturday working, and it has all been joy and creativity in abundance.



My goodness, this week is flying by. Though it’s warming up again, this few day break from the heat has been awesome. I’ve finally been leaving the house much more willingly. Sunday evening, Dave and I met up with my parents and younger brother for a round of disc golf. It’s only my second time playing, but I’m seeing an improvement. My arm/shoulder wasn’t even killing me the next day :) I considered not mentioning this because disc golf seems somewhat unlike this blog. I guess I mainly write about food and pretty things, but really I want to keep this space a place I can share my heart and all around life happenings. Well, I love, love, love my family, so here you go. Also, I want/need/feel convicted to share more about health, my health. This might be for accountability, but also for keeping things well-rounded (hopefully not me), it’s a huge need in my life after all. Please remind me if I don’t hold to these words!

Back to Sunday: Doing something outside without melting or being consumed by mosquitoes was exceptionally nice. Hopefully, I’ll get one more round of disc golf in before my other brother and his wife come home from vacation; I’m looking forward to showing him my sweet moves (see below).

While the boys decided they needed to play just a little more, Mom and I got in touch with our not-so-inner-children. I love this picture of my mom on the blue hippopotamus. Oh, and then that sunset. We were really met with a beautiful night. Afterwards, we loaded in the van and headed to my parents’ where we couched it and watched a movie.


We’ve been anticipating opening night of Moonrise Kingdom for a long time. It made its way to The Fleur here in Des Moines a week ago Friday. This was a little later than other places; I had already gotten reviews from McKenzie (apparently Portland is cooler than Des Moines?). So when it did make it here, I had hopes of going the first night. I can’t even remember now why it didn’t work out, but it didn’t. In walks all of last weeks video filming, so we kept waiting. Well, folks, it’s official! The Poyzer’s have done it. And I’m ready to do it again. Yes, we are Wes Anderson fans (as seen here), but I think even those who aren’t would still like this one. This isn’t to say that the movie isn’t dripping with all the things we love about Wes Anderson (it is), just that the story is so darn heart-warming, even my parents might like it.

We caught the movie with our friends Adam and Bri. Afterward, we made our way downtown, met up with our friend and neighbor (well, basically), Josh, and caught us some fireworks. The evening concluded at Adam and Bri’s house, where we indulged on a Jeni’s Kona Porter Ice Cream recipe created with gusto by my friends. They had also sent us home with some mint ice cream the day before. It is so good. Now I’m wondering if I can make as marvelous of things with an ice cream attachment on my Kitchen Aid. Has anyone tried this out?


(You can catch up on parts one, two, or three here.)

I hope you have enjoyed these photos! It was such a beautiful night. Emotionally, I was a mess days before the party and constantly on the verge of tears. There was so much love that went into this, from Josh of course, but also from all of the other hands preparing for the day. We’re looking forward to sharing in the next 10 with this crew.


(Find your way to part one or two here, if you like)

Dave and Sarah of 1 cup Awesome were in charge of food, and it was an awesome meal. Not sure if you could read the menu from the photo: Mexican chopped salad, quinoa stuff poblano peppers, spice rubbed pork loin with salsa verde, and cinnamon brownie pie for dessert. Wow! Yum! Head on over to their blog for recipes! Since we did a previous tasting, a few of us actually had to eat this meal twice. bummer :)


I hope everyone is having an awesome day. I think Dave and I will be taking it easy today. He is feeling pretty worn out after a busy week+. We spent last week filming another music video for the band Parlours. The song and concept for the video warm my heart. I realized just in the last day or so, that all that the video celebrates, we got to celebrate too. Hanging out with good friends on warm (!) summer nights, biking and catching fireflies… is just dreamy. I can’t wait to show it to you :)

Last night Dave and I met with a couple of other good friends for a night of hanging out with God, creating. Bri brought all kinds of art supplies and we just got to play, enjoyed communion together, listened to this Commencement Address from Makoto Fujimura, and finished the night off with sparklers. You know, anything to invoke wonder :)