My goodness, this week is flying by. Though it’s warming up again, this few day break from the heat has been awesome. I’ve finally been leaving the house much more willingly. Sunday evening, Dave and I met up with my parents and younger brother for a round of disc golf. It’s only my second time playing, but I’m seeing an improvement. My arm/shoulder wasn’t even killing me the next day :) I considered not mentioning this because disc golf seems somewhat unlike this blog. I guess I mainly write about food and pretty things, but really I want to keep this space a place I can share my heart and all around life happenings. Well, I love, love, love my family, so here you go. Also, I want/need/feel convicted to share more about health, my health. This might be for accountability, but also for keeping things well-rounded (hopefully not me), it’s a huge need in my life after all. Please remind me if I don’t hold to these words!

Back to Sunday: Doing something outside without melting or being consumed by mosquitoes was exceptionally nice. Hopefully, I’ll get one more round of disc golf in before my other brother and his wife come home from vacation; I’m looking forward to showing him my sweet moves (see below).

While the boys decided they needed to play just a little more, Mom and I got in touch with our not-so-inner-children. I love this picture of my mom on the blue hippopotamus. Oh, and then that sunset. We were really met with a beautiful night. Afterwards, we loaded in the van and headed to my parents’ where we couched it and watched a movie.


We’ve been anticipating opening night of Moonrise Kingdom for a long time. It made its way to The Fleur here in Des Moines a week ago Friday. This was a little later than other places; I had already gotten reviews from McKenzie (apparently Portland is cooler than Des Moines?). So when it did make it here, I had hopes of going the first night. I can’t even remember now why it didn’t work out, but it didn’t. In walks all of last weeks video filming, so we kept waiting. Well, folks, it’s official! The Poyzer’s have done it. And I’m ready to do it again. Yes, we are Wes Anderson fans (as seen here), but I think even those who aren’t would still like this one. This isn’t to say that the movie isn’t dripping with all the things we love about Wes Anderson (it is), just that the story is so darn heart-warming, even my parents might like it.

We caught the movie with our friends Adam and Bri. Afterward, we made our way downtown, met up with our friend and neighbor (well, basically), Josh, and caught us some fireworks. The evening concluded at Adam and Bri’s house, where we indulged on a Jeni’s Kona Porter Ice Cream recipe created with gusto by my friends. They had also sent us home with some mint ice cream the day before. It is so good. Now I’m wondering if I can make as marvelous of things with an ice cream attachment on my Kitchen Aid. Has anyone tried this out?


Hello my friends! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I had to cut one thing off my to do list towards the end of April because I was immersed in planning decor for our friends’ anniversary party and vow renewal. It was a surprise for the bride of 10 years, all planned by her husband. I’ve so wanted to share details over these last 9 months of planning, but I couldn’t breathe a word! Whew! The party took place at the beginning of May. I spent a lot of time brainstorming and chatting it out with other friends who were helping to create a party that I knew she would love. It was awesome, but I won’t lie to you, I was surely stressed. It felt so good going to sleep that night not waking up with an urgent to-do list rolling through my brain, haha :)

Since then we’ve been enjoying summer. We took a road trip out to Virginia and then up to DC to celebrate with some friends who got married. We camped with my family a couple of nights over Memorial Day at the same lake where we’ve been camping for over 20 years. My mom and I were trying to decide just how long it’s been – but at least that long. Something inside me is set so right being on the water. I’m not sure if it’s about finally feeling like it’s summer because we’ve always done it or if it’s because being on the water is calming. I love it.

On Friday we leave with part of my family for some real vacation time. We’re off to North Carolina for a week on the beach, and I couldn’t be more excited! Because my parents are awesome, I’ve seen most of the United States, but the ocean is where I find myself needing to be. Last year, Dave and I drove to Montana to experience the beauty of the Big Sky State and to visit McKenzie. It was beautiful and soul-warming, but a grain of sadness crept in knowing it would be another year before I made it to the ocean.

That reminds me, though I haven’t been around too much on this here blog, I have been around! If you want to see what else I’ve been up to or check in on us on our upcoming trip, feel free to check out my Instagram (@mpoyzer). I haven’t been over there very long, but I am finding that it might be my preferred platform for social media.

Talk to you soon!




We were invited to a house show a couple weeks ago. I had never heard of the guy but decided to go. I almost didn’t go; I was working on a project (you’ll see soon). Dave left and then came back in because he forgot to grab cash. This is when I decided to go again, and I am so glad.

A few dozen of us piled into the living room of an old house. I took a seat on the stairs. We were met with this smokey voice that immediately held my attention. I was so struck by his emotive song writing and melodies. My mouth hung low, wondering why I hadn’t heard of him before.

For a while, I closed my eyes and imagined with him, trying not to get teary-eyed because I didn’t know most of the people in the room.

Being in the setting that we were, we had time to ask David questions and chat. I got to learn which songs he doesn’t really like to sing anymore, what he thinks about the ocean, what parts of the country are his favorite to travel to, and some of the stories of how he wrote certain songs. It was such a lovely evening.

Give him a listen.



Walking around the apartment this morning, I’m questioning whether or not there were crafty little mice roaming about while we were sleeping. There are projects everywhere! I’ve been having the itch to clean and organize as well as create, and our apartment reflects that. By that I mean that there are cleaning supplies out, things in the process of being organized so really just piles of mess about, and sketch books, yarn, and paint hanging around waiting for me. Dave apparently has had the itch to… something as well. His mess includes soldering equipment, polaroids, business card photography, packaging supplies (we’re sellling cameras over here!), and a lot of trash. Hopefully we can remedy this today!

In less chaotic news, while searching for some typographical inspiration, I found these beautes.

source 1, 2, 3


I am always impressed by the creativity and skill that consumes every member of Dave’s family. They are just neat people. Let’s talk about our nieces’ birthday. The girls’ birthdays are five days apart so we usually celebrate them together. Their birthday lists included things like a pony, a pet butterfly, a violin, and strawberries. So what are we to do? I don’t believe there has been a birthday or a Christmas where handmade things weren’t gifted. Here is another year, and I’m impressed. One aunt hand crafted a special photo book chronicling sweet memories of them together from all their years of life. There were even a few blank pages for them to create together. The girls loved it. I could have cried :) Mom and Dad made the girls each a different piece of furniture for their dolls, a picnic table for the older one, and bunk beds for the younger (she has twin dolls, you know). Grandma and Grandpa made a campfire(!) as well as some wooden block clompers (these are like mini stilts). It was awesome to see the love behind it all, and the girls had so much fun.


I stole a few shots from our Saturday morning because the light was too beautiful to resist. Dave makes crepes more Saturdays than he doesn’t. This particular day, I opted for scrambled eggs instead. Crepes are good, but they never hold me over, and I knew we’d be having some birthday cake instead of lunch.

So far today, I’ve started a new knitting project, but I probably won’t finish it until next winter knowing me :) I also tried my hand at OrangeLeaf, yum. And with this spring breeze in the air, it’s sure to be a good week.


I thoroughly love mail. It is probably the best thing about being far from home or having a friend far from home. This funny little plaque arrived near Valentine’s Day from McKenzie. Dave and I had a really good laugh when we opened it, and it still gets me going from time to time :)  The girl has an SX-70 around her, and the boy is probably shooting some 8mm film and being crazy. So us! It was such a fun surprise.

Sometime in early elementary school my best friend at the time moved away, and we became pen pals. Sometimes she’d get to come and stay with me in the summer, but mostly we just wrote letters and sent pictures. Dave and I wrote letters to one another when I lived out of state for six months when we began dating/courting. I still have the box of them in our room. McKenzie is really great at correspondance so this past year has been a fun year of mail too!

We all know how easy it is to open our email, let a few words flow out, and hit “send”. It takes a little more effort to sit down with paper and pen, fold it, slide it into an envelope, stamp and address it, and put it in the mail. But it seems worth it.