I can’t believe it is already mid-March. So many folks around me are whining for springtime, and I love spring, but I just can’t believe how these past few months have swept by.

Let me catch you up. This winter has been all sorts of family celebrating, many websites built by this guy, a quick trip to Brooklyn, NY to move this gal home, a new job working for my church, and creating/dreaming/planning for new Wedding Format things! It’s been a whirlwind to say the least!

We moved Leslie home from Brooklyn mid-January (Leslie is Dave’s older sister). She’s now working with us! With Leslie on board, the Wedding Format is now offering wedding planning and desserts! We’re so excited about this change. We’ve wanted to add wedding and event planning to our repertoire for a long time, but with all of my other responsibilities in the business, I didn’t feel I could give it the time it needed. We’ve had probably too much fun purchasing to improve our company packaging as well as dessert table rentals. Basically, I have heaps of cake stands and platters lying around with nowhere to store them :)

In January, the two head pastors at my church approached me to see if I’d be willing to be their assistant. I’ve wanted to do this for a long time and have continually postured myself to volunteer wherever needed. It isn’t very many hours a week, and it is completely flexible. It’s a perfect fit.

Finally I’m feeling like I’m doing everything I ever dreamed to do, aside from slinging espresso drinks behind a counter I own. Maybe Dave and I will save some bucks so we can buy our own espresso machine ;-)

Last week while Dave was out of town, I snuck away for a couple of days to visit my cousin, Stuart, in Kansas City. He is currently interning at the International House of Prayer. I interned there about 7 years ago, and it is still a huge part of my life. I make it back for a visit a couple of times a year, but being there with Stuart was exceptionally sweet.

Alas, I will leave you with a few iphone photos to expand our story from the past few months (and to keep things pretty around here):

1. Dave got me a wedding band for our anniversary — I love it like crazy
2. Apron I made for my brother’s wife for Christmas (modified from this tutorial)
3. While in Brooklyn, we made several visits to Blue Bottle 
4. We celebrated 75 years of heartfelt living with my grandma over tea
5. Leslie made mini bundt cakes, and we photographed them
6. Made hummus for friends who had a new baby
7. Leslie made more cake, and we filmed it
8. (Not pictured) We ate some of that cake!


Breakfast with friends is completely worth a few extra dishes.

Our friend Josh’s fiancé, Heidi, has been in town so Dave invited them over for crepes this morning. Saturday morning crepes are as traditional as Christmas in the Poyzer home (seriously, check facebook or instagram on a Saturday, and you’ll see they’re all doing it).

Josh and Heidi asked us a couple of weeks ago if we’d photograph their wedding next spring to which we feel excited and honored. We think it will be an awesome shindig, plus we’ll actually get to spend most of the day with them. Many of you have probably experienced traveling to a friend’s wedding only to leave feeling like you didn’t get to spend hardly any time with them. It’s typical on such a full day. Well, its our little secret that wedding photography is the way we get to spend such a special day with our friends :) We really love it.

Today the weather is unexpectedly beautiful, and the light and breeze matched with such great company made for a lovely November morning. Today reminded me how much I love living in our neighborhood and how privileged we are, all of us, to open our homes and our hearts to people.

I hope you’re all having a beautiful weekend,

New things at The Wedding Format

It’s been quiet here, no? The mister and I have been keeping busy recreating our website for The Wedding Format and adding new content. We have lots of exciting ideas for that space in the coming months. Our friend Emily listened to us gab one afternoon and read a few things we’d written, and then she took control and cranked out the awesome copy. We were so pleased she was able to work with us on this project. She’s actually a former bride of ours so we felt she offered a unique perspective of our growing business (and she’s great at what she does!). Consider following us on Bloglovin’ so as not to miss any of the goodness! I still have ideas and things to share here, but for the time being, I’ve felt I should put my focus on blogging for our family business. Hopefully, I’ll be able to find balance in doing both. I look forward to seeing you guys at The Wedding Format blog!


While Dave’s out filming a wedding this evening, I’ve been home working on wedding photos. I catch myself at times being caught up in the emotions of the day. During the first time the couple sees each other, I’ll find myself on the edge of my seat, maybe wearing an open smile or sometimes a tear. As the festivities progress, and we move closer to the ceremony, photos of the groom bring me anxiety. I begin to feel the nervousness he may or may not have felt. It’s really so exciting sharing in this. I have the privilege (and sometimes the dread) of seeing more photos from the wedding day than the couple will ever see. After a recent wedding, Dave brought home over 2500 photos. I take this pile and I begin to sort it down, hopefully closer to 600-800.

I love the subtleties in the photos, the motion. When you are snapping photos near constantly, you can see the action in a bride reaching for her groom’s hand, and it is just so beautiful. I especially love those photos that happen right after the wedding party is finished with “formal” photos. They show their ruckus-ness and youth, regardless of age.

It truly is a joy, an honor really, to share in moments like these with couples. It’s so easy to grab a camera and snap a photo. We carry them in our phones daily, but do we realize the gravity and beauty in freezing a moment in time, to relive with friends or your love over and over?

I’m just feeling grateful for my job today. It’s pretty amazing to have spent my Saturday working, and it has all been joy and creativity in abundance.



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I hope you have enjoyed these photos! It was such a beautiful night. Emotionally, I was a mess days before the party and constantly on the verge of tears. There was so much love that went into this, from Josh of course, but also from all of the other hands preparing for the day. We’re looking forward to sharing in the next 10 with this crew.


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Dave and Sarah of 1 cup Awesome were in charge of food, and it was an awesome meal. Not sure if you could read the menu from the photo: Mexican chopped salad, quinoa stuff poblano peppers, spice rubbed pork loin with salsa verde, and cinnamon brownie pie for dessert. Wow! Yum! Head on over to their blog for recipes! Since we did a previous tasting, a few of us actually had to eat this meal twice. bummer :)