Sick day

I hope you’ve all had a beautiful holiday! I’ve been sick so I’ve been moving slowly over here and canceling a lot of plans. I took one “official” sick day, laid in bed, and read a book. I’ve still had work to do, but I’ve been giving myself some grace and a lot of rest. I did manage to scan a batch of polaroids from a recent wedding and stumbled across some from this year’s vacation. I’ve kind of been dreaming about the beach ever since :)

Christmas Scenes

Merry Christmas my friends! I hope you are all enjoying the season. Des Moines finally had a good dose of snow dropped on her. We’ve been spending free time pushing out our neighbors cars. Let’s hope they’ll return the favor when the time comes :)

I spent the weekend after my birthday sprucing up the apartment, trying to make it feel as cozy and Christmasy as I could handle. I’m not one for very traditional Christmas decorations, but we’re slowly acquiring a few things we love. This year for my birthday my parents gave me a few vintage ornaments; I think they are perfect for our tiny silver tree (purchased from Hobby Lobby last year). Also given to me for my birthday from McKenzie is my larger silver tree! She’s still tiny, and apart from two homemade cinnamon ornaments from my cousin Stuart and the lights she came with, she’s bare, but I don’t mind it at all.




Hello my neglected blog and readers! I’m checking in only because while I’ve been amassed in wedding polaroids, I came across a few photos from vacation and realized I never shared any. ANY. It was really a great time, and I find myself more and more longing for the beach. Summer has been a hot one, but somehow this August has quickly moved into more fall-like weather than normal. Which in many ways is great and so welcomed, but in others, I feel like I am missing out on summery things. We’ve barely made it out on the boat this summer, haven’t floated down any rivers, nor picnicked enough with friends. Still, I’m not discontent. These days, this last year of my life, have been so beautiful. I’m finding friendships deepening, my body is growing healthier, vision is being cast, and time is being stewarded.

A week or two ago, I made myself a schedule. This is something I try to do as often as my schedule shifts, but I haven’t done it in a long, long time. At the top of this new schedule I wrote out the core values for my life as well as a few reminders. Keeping these in front of me remind me why I prioritize my time as well as what is given priority. If I want to be a certain person in 5 years or 50 years, then today I need to put into practice the things that will shape me. It looks something like this:

Be and do all God dreamed for me.

Know the Word
Be a good wife/mother
Be healthy
Work hard

I am not going to feel guilty when I can’t do one more thing.
I am not going to feel lazy when I need to rest.
I am not going to be lazy.

and finally, a couple quotes:
“If you don’t create a plan for your life, others will create one for you… If you aren’t controlling your life, someone else will.” Kris Vallotton

“Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.” Proverbs 29:18


(You can catch up on parts one, two, or three here.)

I hope you have enjoyed these photos! It was such a beautiful night. Emotionally, I was a mess days before the party and constantly on the verge of tears. There was so much love that went into this, from Josh of course, but also from all of the other hands preparing for the day. We’re looking forward to sharing in the next 10 with this crew.


(Find your way to part one or two here, if you like)

Dave and Sarah of 1 cup Awesome were in charge of food, and it was an awesome meal. Not sure if you could read the menu from the photo: Mexican chopped salad, quinoa stuff poblano peppers, spice rubbed pork loin with salsa verde, and cinnamon brownie pie for dessert. Wow! Yum! Head on over to their blog for recipes! Since we did a previous tasting, a few of us actually had to eat this meal twice. bummer :)


I’m really excited to finally share these photos with you. I’ve broken it into four posts, so you’ll have to stop back by to catch them all.

Let me just say that it was a huge honor being asked to handle the decor for the night. Josh married Dave and I just shy of three years ago. From what I hear, Carrie raved about our wedding so much, Josh asked me to decorate her/their special night. I was able to reuse some things from our wedding, but I dreamed this up just for her. Dave spent the evening snapping photos.



The New Shipment

I briefly mentioned before that we are selling cameras on Etsy. Each one requires a good bit of clean up, and then Dave works his magic soldering on new custom-designed battery packs. He has been talking about doing this for a few years, but the big push came when he brought home a camera that I deemed out of our thrifting budget. I told him he could only keep it if it could make X amount of dollars. Well, he did.

I love that all of these cameras we’ve shelved for so long have been shipping out, but that has only encouraged him to obtain more, haha. Well, I can think of worse hobbies. So far the shop has only housed Polaroid Land Cameras, but he some different models he’ll be adding eventually.

If you don’t care about the cameras, no problem. Just enjoy some film from some of our favorite road trips :) Don’t you feel fully alive when you hit the open road and see where it takes you? We’ll be packing up to catch a friend’s big week on the east coast with our good friend Seth in May. Can’t wait :)