I enjoy using my hands to create with food, fabric, paint, or pen, and you’ll soon discover that Dave and I are avid thrifters. But besides all that, I like to spend free time reading, worshiping, and learning about my Creator, kicking it with my family, and looking for new recipes to try. I don’t like doing laundry, most bugs, or when Dave takes his shoes off in the middle of our living room.

In February of 2011 April of 2012, my dearest heart friend, McKenzie, moved to Bozeman, MT Portland, OR (1,082 1,788 miles from our home in Des Moines). We are the sisters the other never had. This distance was the inspiration for this blog, but I invite you all along as I hope to make the things around me and my heart more beautiful.

Dave and I were married on the most beautiful day in September of 2009. We are still learning newlyweds but love our life together.

photo by Dana Meinch

Dave enjoys mid-century modern design, vintage cameras, and has a knack for doing everything himself. He takes credit for pushing me to cook and teaching me how to sew. He is a freelance photographer, videographer/editor, graphic designer, web-developer, producer/director, blah, blah, blah, :-) and I do what I can to assist him in any and all of these areas.

You can check out some of his/our work here:

I look forward to hearing from YOU! Message me with any questions you might have or just to say hello! mariahface[at]gmail.com