Oh, Wednesday, you were good to me. I had projects strewn about the apartment, probably one in every room. I managed to finish hemming a pair of jeans, complete the meal planning and grocery shopping for the next week, make raw tacos for lunch, prep strata for this morning (currently in the oven), and make apple enchiladas. The enchiladas need some work, but they are still pretty tasty. I still have yet to finish a knitting project I hope to share with you and type up some of our favorite recipes. When I’ve used a recipe multiple times and know we love it, I type it up and keep it in a separate book full of my go-to recipes. Hopefully I’ll finish updating that today.

I try to do our meal planning and grocery shopping on Wednesdays because you get 10% off all of the “Health Market” food at our local HyVee so why would you pay more any other day? Right now most of our groceries come from there, a local place where I buy eggs and meats (or anything I need in a pinch because its merely blocks from our home), a very occasional trip to Walmart for toiletries, etc., and an even more occasional trip to Trader Joes (because I consider it “far away”). Is this normal? On a day that I have to go to all four, oy, I can barely get myself out of the house. To avoid going to Walmart yesterday, I bought toilet paper at HyVee knowing full well it was more expensive. If this were Twitter, you might see #firstworldproblems somewhere following that sentence.

What does everyone else do? Are you shopping around for the best deals/quality or do you just scoop it up all in one place?

And it’s strata time! I can smell it; oh the glory!

2 thoughts on “WEDNESDAY

  1. I love your couches and pillows :)

    I do all of my shopping in one place to avoid driving all over (the traffic in our little town is horrific, especially on weekends). I like to get it all done in one place, which I know means losing a little money on certain items, but I figure I make up for it with saving gas money and time/energy.

  2. Way to organize! We try to buy from the most local sources possible. So we use the farmers market for whatever we can- since most of the money goes to the producer- and then we use our local food co-op for almost all else except organic butter and sparkling water, which we get at Wegmans (our awesomer version of Hy-Vee). It may be more expensive, but we think it’s really important to use local whenever possible. We consider it investing in our community. We also feel like the fact that we can use bulk bins for legumes, grains, and spices, which we think makes up some of the difference.

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