New things at The Wedding Format

It’s been quiet here, no? The mister and I have been keeping busy recreating our website for The Wedding Format and adding new content. We have lots of exciting ideas for that space in the coming months. Our friend Emily listened to us gab one afternoon and read a few things we’d written, and then she took control and cranked out the awesome copy. We were so pleased she was able to work with us on this project. She’s actually a former bride of ours so we felt she offered a unique perspective of our growing business (and she’s great at what she does!). Consider following us on Bloglovin’ so as not to miss any of the goodness! I still have ideas and things to share here, but for the time being, I’ve felt I should put my focus on blogging for our family business. Hopefully, I’ll be able to find balance in doing both. I look forward to seeing you guys at The Wedding Format blog!

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