I wanted to start this post off by telling you about how I fell in love with muffins. From my very first bite of my very first muffin (it was blueberry), I knew I needed to have one again.

Though that is true, the morning I made these muffins was less than dreamily nostalgic and enthralling.

Ehem. The other morning I awoke to my alarm, galloping to the kitchen to check in on my yogurt cultivating away on the counter. However, what I found was not yogurt but warmed milk. I also had glorious plans to make muffins for breakfast. It soon became a hectic time of googling how to save my crockpot yogurt and attempting to make muffins. I’ll just tell you now that it all worked out beautifully :) (my “saved” yogurt turned out amazing, and if it turns out that well again, you can bet you’ll be hearing about it), but there was a little crazy in there too.


I have read about these muffins many times from, you guessed it, 1 Cup Awesome. If you tell me something has brown butter in it, you can bet I’ll be making it or having a bite of yours. I first fell in love with the nutty goodness of brown butter while working at a local bakery preparing the financier (fee-nuhn-see-ay), small French teacakes made with almond flour and what have you. I should probably go have one right now.

This muffin recipe can be found here. These were really quick and required few ingredients which I became even more thankful for considering the morning debacle. To half of the batter, I added about 1/4 cup chopped pecans and 1 Tbs ground flax seeds. I kept it original for “Dave’s muffins”. I like to eat them warmed up with a bit of butter. Now the enthralling can commence.


  1. Hi there! Just stumbled upon this cute blog of yours :) I am not a huge fan of bananas, but oddly enough I LOVE them baked into items. These sound really amazing; thanks for sharing! :) Have a great week.

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