Bathing beauty

Hello friends! While Dave and I don’t do much for holidays, he did pick up this shower curtain for me I had been considering. What do you think? When we were creating our wedding registry a few years ago, I decided I wanted gray and yellow for our bathroom. I still really like this idea, but other than our towels, there hasn’t been any specific pattern or color. I haven’t been able to decide on a shower curtain in almost 2 1/2 years! I can’t even tell you how many I have purchased and hung up. I’m still not certain this is it. I really like the pattern, but I wish it didn’t have the “band” across the top. It would look much more modern without it. I  considered just hacking that part off, but I then I wouldn’t like the length. Or, I could do that but also add a block of color to the bottom. Hmm.
Think I should keep it?


3 thoughts on “Bathing beauty

  1. I like, but I think I like without too. length wise u’d be fine to hack it, plus you could make hand towels or floor mats or ?? (perhaps, idk the material) It actually seems quite long, but I could be using dwarf curtains ;) it reminds me of something my mom would make….always mixing new with her inbreed country girl. She sure likes her valances ;)


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