Wednesday was my birthday, and, although it was a pretty low-key day and we weren’t able to squeeze in everything I had hoped, it was nice. AND I won’t feel guilty to keep celebrating a little and squeezing in those extra things in the coming days :) I’m hoping to spend some time this weekend making the apartment feel a bit cozy and festive and spend a couple of hours shopping in the East Village. David got me a beautiful wood slab cake stand, and instead of cake we had root beer floats.

Now back to work. After a birthday and Thanksgiving, I’m feeling behind. We’ve been blessed with several opportunities lately to take photos for friends. Adding those sessions to the wedding we shot this past weekend, I have much to do! Good thing I love it a lot :)


This little lovely was created for my friend Nicole. Earlier this year Nicole and husband Scott were visiting, and Scott noticed the string art hanging in our office. Not long after their visit we began talking about a commissioned piece for Nicole’s birthday.  I made some preliminary sketches for how I wanted it to look, but first I needed to find a piece of wood so I knew the dimensions of my canvas. I found this piece at our local salvage store. After a little trim, wood glue, and sanding, it was ready. Then I began finalizing my design. I admit I was glad when Scott chose a small word :) Though string art is lot of fun, it is also a lot of work. I remember after doing it before, I didn’t think I would do this kind of project again. But who knows, when I look back at this, it makes me want to do another!


When we began our string art for Easter earlier this year, my friend gave me a couple of tips and I’ve added some of my own: First, create a guide for the distance you want between nails. For me, this was a piece of paper with a few drawn dots. You aren’t using this for every nail you pound in, but it is helpful to hold it up to your nails every so often to make sure you are still on target. Secondly, use pointed-nose pliers to hold your nail in place. I used small nails (5/8″ on my first pieces and 3/4″ on this one). You can use different length nails depending on the thickness of your piece of wood, but regardless, they are small. Next, outline the letters first and last. Wrap the string around the letter (or image) before you fill it in. Outlining at the completion of a letter/color will give it a crisp look. As you wrap the nails, you need to put a lot of tension on the string so it doesn’t unravel behind you. You could use a small screw-driver to hold the string down, or I preferred to use both hands and keep a finger on it. You can also play with how you wrap a nail. You may wrap inside or outside depending on the line you wish to achieve. I find this especially helpful on interior or exterior corners. Lastly, SUPER GLUE! Super glue your knots before trimming the string.

If any of you have made string art projects of your own, I would love to see them!


Breakfast with friends is completely worth a few extra dishes.

Our friend Josh’s fiancé, Heidi, has been in town so Dave invited them over for crepes this morning. Saturday morning crepes are as traditional as Christmas in the Poyzer home (seriously, check facebook or instagram on a Saturday, and you’ll see they’re all doing it).

Josh and Heidi asked us a couple of weeks ago if we’d photograph their wedding next spring to which we feel excited and honored. We think it will be an awesome shindig, plus we’ll actually get to spend most of the day with them. Many of you have probably experienced traveling to a friend’s wedding only to leave feeling like you didn’t get to spend hardly any time with them. It’s typical on such a full day. Well, its our little secret that wedding photography is the way we get to spend such a special day with our friends :) We really love it.

Today the weather is unexpectedly beautiful, and the light and breeze matched with such great company made for a lovely November morning. Today reminded me how much I love living in our neighborhood and how privileged we are, all of us, to open our homes and our hearts to people.

I hope you’re all having a beautiful weekend,

New things at The Wedding Format

It’s been quiet here, no? The mister and I have been keeping busy recreating our website for The Wedding Format and adding new content. We have lots of exciting ideas for that space in the coming months. Our friend Emily listened to us gab one afternoon and read a few things we’d written, and then she took control and cranked out the awesome copy. We were so pleased she was able to work with us on this project. She’s actually a former bride of ours so we felt she offered a unique perspective of our growing business (and she’s great at what she does!). Consider following us on Bloglovin’ so as not to miss any of the goodness! I still have ideas and things to share here, but for the time being, I’ve felt I should put my focus on blogging for our family business. Hopefully, I’ll be able to find balance in doing both. I look forward to seeing you guys at The Wedding Format blog!