Filling in the blank

I’m sorry, friends, that I kind of took a vacation from the blog. It would be a nice goal to have a couple of posts planned for each week. Yep, a nice goal. But I don’t want this space to become a burden to up keep. It’s original intent was merely correspondence. It has maybe grown into more of a desire to share life’s happenings with whomever wants to read it. But still, if I’m not on here, it’s probably because I need to be away. (If you don’t already have a way of chronicling your blogs, I recommend Bloglovin’ or Google Reader. They’ll let you know when I post -or anyone else- so you don’t have a growing hatred for me if ever I go three weeks without posting again and you check everyday. Just sayin’ ;-)

In terms of filling you in on the past few weeks, where to even begin, right? I’ve made some yummy food, and some days, I didn’t. Sometimes we eat a lot of pizza because it’s probably my favorite, and it never feels difficult. Have you ever been really tired and didn’t want to make dinner for your ol’ huzbo? I have been sick and now worn down for just under a week. One night in particular, Dave so badly wanted sesame chicken, and I just couldn’t bring myself to thinly slice all of four chicken breasts. It seemed like too much work. Now pasta with meat sauce, for some reason, that seemed like a much easier task. That I could do at 9 o’clock at night. (It was late because we planted our garden  and then had to clean ourselves up.) Alas, he started slicing, and we indeed had sesame chicken.

Oh yes, so the garden has been planted! It’s early. And it’s a risk. It has been so nice here, we have been tempted with the idea of one extra month of fresh garden yummies.

While my little brother was on spring break, he taught me how to disc golf. I’m not great, but it was fun.

We still haven’t done our taxes.

I’ve drug both my keyboard and bass out. I keep catching hints that maybe I should be playing again.

Dave has been on so many video shoots lately. One landed us in Kansas City for the better part of a day. If you didn’t know, I lived there for a short bit while I interned at a missions base. I always love getting back there. I hung out in the prayer room for a bit in the morning, and spent the afternoon weathering the rain at one of my favorite parks reading. It was pure joy.

There are so many more excerpts I could add, but let me close by telling you about St. Patrick’s Day. We never get too much into holidays, big or small, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t invited to amazing celebrations. My friend Allison invited us over for lunch. She prepared a meal of corned beef with cabbage and red potatoes and strawberry shortcake for dessert. The boys hoisted furniture, while we caravanned the dinnerware and entrees to the mews beside her building. It felt festive and glorious. There is no other way to celebrate this holiday, than breaking bread with friends in the fresh air.

There you have it.


Walking around the apartment this morning, I’m questioning whether or not there were crafty little mice roaming about while we were sleeping. There are projects everywhere! I’ve been having the itch to clean and organize as well as create, and our apartment reflects that. By that I mean that there are cleaning supplies out, things in the process of being organized so really just piles of mess about, and sketch books, yarn, and paint hanging around waiting for me. Dave apparently has had the itch to… something as well. His mess includes soldering equipment, polaroids, business card photography, packaging supplies (we’re sellling cameras over here!), and a lot of trash. Hopefully we can remedy this today!

In less chaotic news, while searching for some typographical inspiration, I found these beautes.

source 1, 2, 3


I am always impressed by the creativity and skill that consumes every member of Dave’s family. They are just neat people. Let’s talk about our nieces’ birthday. The girls’ birthdays are five days apart so we usually celebrate them together. Their birthday lists included things like a pony, a pet butterfly, a violin, and strawberries. So what are we to do? I don’t believe there has been a birthday or a Christmas where handmade things weren’t gifted. Here is another year, and I’m impressed. One aunt hand crafted a special photo book chronicling sweet memories of them together from all their years of life. There were even a few blank pages for them to create together. The girls loved it. I could have cried :) Mom and Dad made the girls each a different piece of furniture for their dolls, a picnic table for the older one, and bunk beds for the younger (she has twin dolls, you know). Grandma and Grandpa made a campfire(!) as well as some wooden block clompers (these are like mini stilts). It was awesome to see the love behind it all, and the girls had so much fun.


I stole a few shots from our Saturday morning because the light was too beautiful to resist. Dave makes crepes more Saturdays than he doesn’t. This particular day, I opted for scrambled eggs instead. Crepes are good, but they never hold me over, and I knew we’d be having some birthday cake instead of lunch.

So far today, I’ve started a new knitting project, but I probably won’t finish it until next winter knowing me :) I also tried my hand at OrangeLeaf, yum. And with this spring breeze in the air, it’s sure to be a good week.


Well, I really shouldn’t have.

I can’t say I’m proud of myself for this one, but I also can’t say I regret it either. When I saw what I had done, and Dave saw what I had done, he told me I couldn’t eat all of it. We both found ourselves starring at a 9 x 13 inch pan full of my favorite candy. Thankfully, we had a couple of opportunities to share the wealth over the weekend. I found this recipe via Pinterest and obviously got busy. If I ever dare to do this again, I may have to experiment with this. I did miss the bite of chocolate on the bottom.  In terms of a quick dessert, this is it. It didn’t require any baking, and they were ready to be tasted by the time we finished another project we really shouldn’t have done.

We attempted to make homemade chalk for our nieces’ birthdays. Knowing full well it would cost more up front than just buying chalk (in the long run, maybe not), we proceeded. It would have been more fun if the chalk actually turned out. There are about eight egg-shaped pieces of chalk that are still not all the way dry on our table, and the rest I finally threw away.


I thoroughly love mail. It is probably the best thing about being far from home or having a friend far from home. This funny little plaque arrived near Valentine’s Day from McKenzie. Dave and I had a really good laugh when we opened it, and it still gets me going from time to time :)  The girl has an SX-70 around her, and the boy is probably shooting some 8mm film and being crazy. So us! It was such a fun surprise.

Sometime in early elementary school my best friend at the time moved away, and we became pen pals. Sometimes she’d get to come and stay with me in the summer, but mostly we just wrote letters and sent pictures. Dave and I wrote letters to one another when I lived out of state for six months when we began dating/courting. I still have the box of them in our room. McKenzie is really great at correspondance so this past year has been a fun year of mail too!

We all know how easy it is to open our email, let a few words flow out, and hit “send”. It takes a little more effort to sit down with paper and pen, fold it, slide it into an envelope, stamp and address it, and put it in the mail. But it seems worth it.