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My childhood was extra special. We were four houses in a row: Grandma + Grandpa, Aunt + Uncle, my family, and Great Grandma + Grandpa. Obviously I spent a lot of time with all of these lovely people, but then, not so far away on a bike, lived my cousin Stuart. Now, let me say that I love all of my cousins. They have such personalities and many talents, but Stuart is the cousin closet to my age, and for that reason we’ve grown up very close. (He also drove me crazy for a few years; you know, pulling my long, gorgeous, little girl hair.) All in all, he holds a dear place in my heart and has become a really great guy. He is one of those cousins you consider a friend.

Well Stuart loves the Lord in a quite beautiful way. He is on staff at IHOPE House of Prayer in Cedar Falls, IA. He is the Hospitality and Design Coordinator, but you will also find him serving on worship teams, prayer ministry, and working with students from the nearby University. You can read a little bit more about him here. Might I add that he doesn’t get paid for any of this? He relies on the support from family and friends who partner with him financially and with prayer. Recently he was part of an evangelical walk-through called Final Exit. I don’t know exactly what this looked like, but by the end of the month at least 430 people had decided to follow Jesus.

Let’s go ahead and pause on that. 430 people. There was a least one girl who cancelled a scheduled abortion, and a least one person who decided not to commit suicide. This is stunning. In case you are wondering, there is follow up with these people and continued prayer.

Anyway, with a heart like his, imagine the beauty in this note Stuart sent Dave and me. The kite is a Fair Trade product from Nepal, and I think it is such a fun idea for a card or letter. Look closely because you could make this, or buy a similar one over here.

If you are interested in supporting Stuart’s ministry, message me and I can get you the info.

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