New(ish) Arrival

I want to quickly share some photos of our business cards. We’ve had them for a while now, but I haven’t trusted myself with the camera hobbling around on one foot. I’m still on one foot, but my balance has improved :) Oh, and remember this post? Dave saw it, and decided he’d just make himself a case. So what you see is the case he made. What a stud. Its ebony and walnut.


I know it has been quiet here for a while, and honestly, it may continue for a bit longer. I’ve been resting and recovering from a surgery on my foot. I broke my foot for the second time two years ago and have never really been the same. Good news is I should now be arthritis free! Just in time for cooler weather too. In case you are an unbeliever, rainy days and cool weather really do increase arthritis pain.

The photos are of the little brightness Dave had waiting for me when I got home :) He and my family have been patient and kind. I’m able to do quite a bit more for myself now, but for the first several days, I was really at their disposal. All my appreciation and love is for them.

Well, here’s hoping this will be my last go around on crutches!